Discover Hundreds of Games at 1Bet2U 

A quickly rising favorite among online casinos in Malaysia, 1Bet2U is one of the top entertainment sites in real money betting. With a huge selection of games, plenty of promotional offers and an incredible VIP member program, it’s easy to see why so many players are choosing 1Bet2U.

These are just a few of the excellent reasons to join 1Bet2U. Additionally, you can have complete peace of mind when playing real casino games for money. Since there are tons of secure and convenient payment options. All available to play from your computer, phone or tablet. No need to leave your home, just put on your most comfortable clothes and start enjoying the best in online gaming from anywhere.

Benefits that 1Bet2U Members Get

 There’s no form of casino gaming you wouldn’t find at 1Bet2U, it’s the ultimate approach that guarantees a positive and stress fee time. Providing an excellent user experience is our top priority.

Here are some of the other awesome benefits of playing at 1Bet2U:

  • An amazing user interface that is both impressive and easy to use
  • Instantly play hundreds of different games across any mobile device
  • A wide selection of slots, standard table games and even live dealing tables open 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Generous bonus offers with very reasonable terms and requirements
  • A VIP program that awards active members on a consistent basis


Play These Fabulous Games Instantly

 There’s no need to download any additional software to play the games offered at 1Bet2U. Even if you’re looking for mobile games which you can play on any iOS or Android phone or tablet. It’s simple a matter of visiting the casino, logging in and you’re all set.


Being the most popular of all casino games, naturally, there’s a very large selection of games right here. Including hundreds of the most best-known games, many with massive jackpots that could make you instantly rich. Try your luck on progressives, fixed jackpots, classic and video slots that will keep you entertained for hours on end.


Asian players that love the classic casino game of baccarat will find a multitude of options at 1Bet2U. For instance, games at every stakes level and in many different variations that keep things interesting.

As one of the easiest games that have the best odds of winning, you can get the most out of your time at the baccarat table. Whether you decide to play standard RNG games or in real-time with a live dealer.


 It’s easy to see why blackjack is always such a popular game choice for players all over the world. Not only is it a very exciting, challenging and fun game to play. But it also has the lowest house edge of all. Even allowing players who use the right strategy to take it even lower for more opportunity to win.

Play blackjack in many different variations and themes at 1Bet2U. Including mobile and live casino options for players with any bankroll.


 Can’t get enough of playing poker online? It’s easy when you have such a wide array of options. 1Bet2U offers the chance to compete in a range of different poker tournaments, casino-style games, video poker and live dealer poker. All from the comfort of home, no need to arrange a poker night with friends or visit a traditional casino for the same level of poker action.


 Many know the game of roulette to be the oldest and most well-known casino game of all time. However, the games of today are sure to impress even the biggest roulette fans. But don’t take it from us, just check out the incredible selection of fun and unique roulette variants to try at 1Bet2U.

Options for playing roulette vary from European, American and French. To even more interesting versions like multi-wheel roulette, mini roulette and even games with enormous jackpots attached to them. Giving you the chance to win huge amounts of money for small side bets. This combines the best of both worlds, the possibility for big time payouts with a classic game that everyone loves to play.


 There’s an intense enjoyment expected from the craps table in casinos. Which is why so many people love this simple dice game. If you’re in the mood to try something new, you can’t go wrong with craps. For example, it’s an elegant and very simple game to play that relies mostly on luck. However, unlike some casino games, craps offers an amazingly low house edge on certain bets.

Take a look at the remarkable choices for playing craps at 1Bet2U. For an unforgettable experience that brings the casino right to you.

Mobile Casino

 Both Android and iOS mobile users can depend on the same high-level of quality and security that 1Bet2U offers. For instance, you can access the casino and everything it provides from your phone or tablet. Giving you more options than ever before to play on the go.

The game selection loses nothing in terms of gameplay or quality. In fact, many users even prefer to play on mobile, since they already have mobile favorites they enjoy. Now you can also play real money casino games right on your phone.

Live Dealer

 With live casino games, you don’t have to miss a single thing about visiting any world-class casino. It’s basically a full casino right at your fingertips. Join in on live dealer versions of all the top table games in many different formats and variations.

For example, with live dealer games, you play with a real-life dealer via video feed from a studio. It puts you right at the center of the action, so you get the same fantastic gameplay and thrilling experience you get when you’re in a casino.

Live dealer games are provided at 1Bet2U by the world’s leading providers. Which uses multiple camera angles in high definition. Allowing the user to personalize certain aspects and elements of the game to their preferences. It is truly casino gaming your way!