1Bet2u Casino Roulette – The Best Variations of 2022

1Bet2u Casino Roulette

As one of the most common online betting games, 1Bet2u Casino roulette has come very interesting additions. In fact, most of the common casino games such as craps, blackjack and baccarat also have several different versions and features. This goes for online casino sites as well as in popular destinations all around the world. The best part of all this is that some variants may give the player better odds and a lower house edge. In no game is this truer than in roulette, a game that has many classic variations as well online only games

Is 1Bet2u Casino Roulette Fair?

As a licensed and regulated betting site, 1Bet2u offers competitive and fair odds for any game found on the website. For instance, every 1Bet2u Casino roulette game is completely fair with random results. Moreover, the payouts may even be better than in most land-based casinos. Since, on average, online casinos tend to have slightly lower house edges on the most popular game variations.

American Roulette

You may already be familiar with the rules of all the classic roulette variations. Let’s start with American roulette, which is the standard in many places. It may not be the top preference of some players with a lot of experience. However, it is a great option when you compare it to other casino options. It’s also available without fail at just about every casino out there.

Regular, plain old American 1Bet2u Casino roulette already offers low house edge and amazing odds. It’s only against other common variations that you may want to consider other options. Such as the following.

1Bet2u Casino Roulette

European Roulette

If you’re looking for a step-up from the original American roulette, then European roulette is an excellent choice. What differentiates it is that the roulette wheel has one less zero than the American wheel. For instance, while the American has a single and a double zero slot, the European only has the one single zero. This means half the house edge, as you have a slightly better odds of winning.

Double Ball Roulette

Double ball roulette takes the game to the next level by introducing another ball. This shakes things up a bit by giving you more betting options. As instead of betting on just where one ball will land, you’re betting on two.

It was originally just an experiment by casinos in Las Vegas, with only a few casinos offering it. However, it is now a staple that you will find in many places. Including among the 1Bet2u Casino roulette selection. Obviously, you can understand why this would be much more exciting than regular roulette. But if you are new to the game, you may want to stick to the original variants before moving on.

Rapid Roulette

For another variation with a relatively low house edge, check out Rapid Roulette, which is exactly what it sounds like. Basically, it allows players to bet on more spins in order to get a greater volume of bets in at the same time. For players that are interested in making as much profit as possible, this is a good place to start.

Additionally, it’s deviates from standard 1Bet2u Casino roulette, by having gameplay in video form rather than a traditional wheel.

Mini Roulette

New 1Bet2u Casino roulette players might enjoy Mini Roulette, which is just what it sounds like. A simple and fun variation where you have fewer bets, but still loads of options. For instance, instead of a wheel with up to 38 numbers, you can bet on only 1-13.

Mini roulette also combines some interesting features from other variations. Such as the fact that you get back half of you wager if the ball lands in zero. Whereas if you were playing a regular roulette game, you would lose all in such a scenario.

It may sound like a novelty, but this variation of 1Bet2u casino roulette is extremely popular. Even among players that have been into the game for years. As it introduces an amazing new way to play a classic favorite.

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