1Bet2u Slots – Different Slot Features Explained

1Bet2u Slots

You may have already noticed that there is an incredibly diverse set of 1Bet2u slots available online. A ton of which have different features and offer a whole new experience if all you know are the classic casino favorites found everywhere.

To help you make your choices out of the massive selection of slot games here. We’ve put together the following. Which explains the very basics of the modern slot games available in abundance. As the tech gets even better, this is a constantly changing list. As developers seek to make them even better and more exciting to play

How to Play 1Bet2u Slots


  • The 1Bet2u slots selection does not require you to download the game first or any other software. Unless you choose to do so with the downloadable version of the game. Otherwise, all you need to do is create an account, claim your bonus or add some funds to start playing for real money. Additionally, we offer the option to play games in free mode just to check them out first. This gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the different types of games and features mentioned below.

Three-Reel Slots (Classics)

For those that like to keep things simple, you may enjoy the large selection of three-wheel  1Bet2u slots. These are often referred to as the classics, since they are based on the original fruit themed slot machines.

New players like them because they are very easy to play and don’t usually have many complicated features. Basically, the grid has three columns and rows of symbols. While they may not be as complex as some of the other options in our 1Bet2u slots library, they do have some amazing Return to Player rates.

Five-Reels Slots (Video)

By far the greatest set of choices in terms of variations would have to be the five-reel or video slot choices. These 1Bet2u slots have up to as many as 100 different pay lines and tons of winning combinations. Additionally, most of them also have special features such as scatters, multipliers and wilds. All of which make them even more enticing and fun to play.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

1Bet2u Slots

The 1Bet2u slots that reel you in (pun intended) are the progressives. And the main thing that catches your eyes without any doubt would have to be the chance to win massive payouts. Progressive slots get their name from the fact that the jackpot continues to grow with every spin. Until a lucky player wins the grand prize. At which time the jackpot goes back down to a predetermined amount and starts growing again.

Progressive jackpots are available in multitudes at any leading online casino. Additionally, they grow even faster because most are not standalone. In fact, many different progressive games can contribute to the same huge jackpot. Sometimes even spread among different casinos as well.

Slot Features

New players to 1Bet2u slots tend to choose the simpler games because they have less features to understand. However, once you grasp how simple most are, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing any game you find interesting.

The most common slot features are:

  • Bonus rounds – a game within the game that give you additional chances to win with free spins.
  • Multipliers – certain symbols that appear and multiplier whatever your win would have been for the combination that shows up.
  • Scatters – symbols that can appear on any reel and still give you a payout.
  • Wilds – a symbol that when it appears can substitute for any other to create a winning combination.

Hopefully, with the new knowledge above, you have everything you need to choose any game you like from the 1Bet2u slots selection. Happy spinning!

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